1150 McQuade Ave

Utica, New York 13501

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Enjoy some Italian favorites from the grocery aisles of Little Italy Imports. We have the most authentic sides, oils and tomatoes used by the best chefs. Find delicious San Marzano canned tomatoes, frozen or dried pasta, along with all types of oils, vinegar and more. Try our house-made spicy olive mix!


Visit us at 1150 McQuade Ave Utica, NY 13501 and make sure to stop by the deli counter for some FREE tastings and take home some meats and specialty imported cheeses to make the best sandwich you've ever had!

  • Pasta - De Cecco, Delverte, Reggia, Grano Armando (brands)

  • Frozen pasta - Stuffed shells, stuffed rigatoni, cavatelli, gnocchi, raviolis

  • Canned tomatoes - Cora, Merro, Napoli, Vitale (brands) - San Marzano tomatoes and gourmet tomatoes

  • Peppers - Mancini, Cora, Napoli (brands) - Long hots, hot peppers, sweet peppers, stuffed peppers - provolone and prosciutto, and breadcrumb stuffed

  • Oils - Napoli, Paesano (brands) - extra virgin, pomace, flavored oils - hot pepper, basil, and garlic

  • Vinegars - Colavita, Napoli (brands) - red wine, white, balsamic, white balsamic

  • Olives - black oil cured, green pitted or unpitted, Calamatta, Castlevatrano

  • House-made spicy olive mix

  • Tuna

Specialty and classic Italian grocery items


Frozen and dried pasta available

Premium peppers and tomatoes

Authentic oils, olives and other items

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